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About Us

After many years of experience in tech-related industries and running successful remote companies, Generous Industries brings an investment solution to acquire, improve, grow and develop world-changing SaaS tools.

Our remote-first strategy brings high-quality international experience to the team. Our human-centric approach allows us to have a sustainable, ethical and high-performing business model, plus an incredible place to work.

We search for intriguing solutions, innovation, world-class talent and possibilities that can help us change lives and make the world a better place.

The Team

Generous Industries is located in multiple countries around the world. We are a remote-first holding company. Our top talent and geographical distribution allow us to be skilled in numerous areas, helping us make agile decisions in an ever-evolving tech environment.

Our combined deep knowledge, global footprint and industry expertise support our success across our portfolio.


Our Values


Top talent, innovation, and great solutions can be located everywhere. That’s why Generous Industries has been a remote company from day one.

Tech’s fast-paced environment makes us change, adapt, and evolve continuously, and we want every team member to do so with us. 


We are agile, challenging, and collaborative. We aim to ideate, build, test and always improve our companies and services.

We strive to offer a constructive company culture, actively engaging, positively daring, and highly supportive of everyone’s work and personal life.


We grow and thrive. 

We are in constant evolution. 

We aim to keep progressing and expanding into more businesses, industries, and services by empowering our team members to dive deeper, keep learning, and reach new heights.

Our Projects and Expertise

At Generous Industries are always learning and improving, and we look forward to new challenges that help us be better. Our areas of expertise are:

High-performance & Company culture

Custom-made Software Solutions

Business Strategy

Innovation Management

SEO and SEM Strategies for Growth

International Expansion

Global Recruitment Processes

Remote Teams


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